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3 Steps for a Seamless Transfer on Android Device

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3 Steps for a Seamless Transfer on Android Device

Wi-Fi Transfer is officially released on XMind for Android! As long as your Android device and targeted devices are connecting to the same Wi-Fi, you can transfer and download right away. Fast, stable and secured.

With Wi-Fi Transfer, you can

Transfer XMind files on Android device freely

Sending XMind files to Android device instantly

Download XMind files on Android devices directly Follow the guide below and fitch your files accurately!

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi Transfer

    Click ... on the upper right corner, and click Wi-Fi Transfer

    2. Ready for Wi-Fi Transfer

    Enter the address in Red on the targeted device. Please do not leave or close the page for a stable connection

  2. Transfer Files

After entering the page, you can find mind maps are well displayed like exactly the same on your XMind for Android.

Upload XMind files by cliking Upload files, or simply drop your files in designated area.

Download the files, by clicking the download icon. Or simply select all for a bulk download.

Jan 11, 2019
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