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Gear up With XMind Update of Autumn

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Gear up With XMind Update of Autumn

A great project starts from a small idea.

Preparing for an entire summer, we are ready to gear you up for this autumn, or even better. This time, we've launched updates for XMind for iOS and XMind: ZEN.

XMind for iOS - Ignite the Small Screens


Inspiration happens everywhere, and be ready when it occurs to you. XMind always prepares to create an limitless loop for your ideas and inspiration.

We've updated new features for your big ideas on small tablets. Follow it to know how you can maneuver your ideas.


Dark Mode - Feel the Power of Dark


Turn on Dark Mode for relieving eyes strain, while your content stands out. XMind for iOS is compatible with the Dark Mode of the latest iOS 13. When the Dark Mode is chosen as the default interface style, XMind follows it automatically. The background recedes while your content takes the spotlight.


  • Turn on Dark Mode via Siri.
  • Turn on Dark Mode via Control Center.  


If you are making a mind map with lots of topics, worrying about losing topics and content, simply separate them into different sheets on mobile device now. Topic Link blurs the boundary and brings topics and sheets closely than ever.


  1. Tap the Topic, then tap Topic Link.
  2. Select the Topic you want to link.
  3. Click the icon when you want to view the selected topic.  

Search - Hunt the Words Down


Reading mind map on mobile device is convenient, but searching seems to be a hard bone. Simply input the content you would love to search, the search result displays immediately following each and every character you type.


  • For iPhone

          Click More … on the upper right corner, and click Search.

  • For iPad

          Click the Search icon in the panel right away.

Download Now at Apple Apple Store


XMind: ZEN - Big Little Detail-driven Updates

Progress Bar

Observe the progress of grand map export is crucial especially when you've finished editing them. Progress Bar becomes your export monitor

Manage your file with XMind is possible now. Now, you can insert the local file path into the mind map, name the topics and track them easily. If there are several attachments in the same file, you can easily insert the file without inserting attachments one by one.

*Windows supports single file link only.

We've also optimized XMind: ZEN to make it compatible with macOS Catalina. Enjoy a smooth and unexpected experience mind mapping experience for both desktop and mobile version.

Download Now at XMind


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Avinash Priya
Sep 23, 2019
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