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To All Job Hunters: How to Ace Online Recruitment?

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To All Job Hunters: How to Ace Online Recruitment?

Under the current situation, many companies with hiring plans have entirely shifted to online recruitment, hosting events such as virtual seminar & information session and conducting online interview. In order to provide recruitment assistance, some hiring managers even go on Instagram Live or other live streaming platforms to introduce topics such as recruitment criteria, resume tips, and company culture. The virtual recruitment is likely to be adopted for a very long time as the COVID-19 influence persists.


Therefore, we will be talking about everything a job hunter needs to know for online recruitment. Wish this article can support every student looking for a summer internship/first job or experienced worker in transition.

Born to Network

Some experts say that 70% of the job offers are obtained through networking.

Professional career platforms such as LinkedIn, Handshake, or Indeed are becoming the major channel for people to look up for vacant positions, get in contact with recruiters, and submit applications. And this form of digital network seems to be even more important during this whole online recruitment process.

Alumni Connection

If interested in working in a field, or at a particular company, it is always a good idea to first search for alumni connection. There is a greater possibility for alumni to reply back to you, and they would be a great resource to answer questions regarding the industry trend, job function and daily work experience.

Precisely target the industry or company you would like to apply for and make a list of relevant alumni based on thorough research. Do not send a universal email to everyone. Customize your email or connect request over LinkedIn based on research of each one’s background and experience. Be succinct in the message with a personal touch to show your intention and sincere. Coffee chat might not be ideal during this current situation, but a quick phone call or Skype is always available.

After the first call, now it is really the time to continue building long-term relationships with valuable alumni. Keep in mind that getting the referral/job is never the only goal of networking. There is so much more to it. Send an update email of yourself and share some new insights with people that you network with, and it’s more of mutual communication that leads to the growth of learning experience on both sides.

Virtual Attendance

As mentioned earlier, many firms decide to host a virtual information session or seminar to facilitate the online recruitment process. Some universities also invite organizations to attend a virtual job fair to help students network and get hired. We suggest that you come prepared with a digital resume and a list of thoughtful questions, which is still possible to leave an impression under a virtual setting.

Meanwhile, follow the company’s social media and professional accounts, read their contents and blogs. Share, like, and comment. This habit will not only allow you to keep up with updates from a company or industry but also potentially leave a great impression, you never know.

Rehearsal, Not A Rehearsal

Congratulations when you are invited to an online interview! That means your resume makes you an outstanding candidate out of the competitive pool. Every candidate preserves his or her color and every firm has its own recruitment criteria. The upcoming 30-minute interview is crucial for the firm to hear about your passion, further assess your professional experience, and most importantly, to see if you are a great fit for them. Most hiring managers are very likely to extend an offer based on interview performance.

Many people agree that it can be a lot harder to fully express yourself in front of the camera setting compared to face-to-face communication. Please see the XMind map below including a full checklist to prepare for an online interview, which is generally applicable to every industry.


Save this checklist and let it help you to nail every future interview! Remember, don’t ever get demotivated from an interview failure. It is very common and only shows that you are not a fit with that single company, but there are so many options out there. Take it easy ;)

Thanks for reading this, and we wish this article is useful for someone who is transforming from traditional recruitment into the online system. Hope everyone is doing great and nailing online recruitment!

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Apr 17, 2020
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