Meet Our New Brand Identity
As we redefine our brand,
we strive to infuse youthfulness and a relaxed atmosphere into Xmind,
delivering a welcoming and friendly brand image to each user.
New Visual Language
In our rejuvenated visual language, we combine youthful vibrancy with elegant simplicity. Discover our redesigned logo, now lowercase, reflecting a more friendly and approachable mind mapping experience.
Collision of colors,
igniting more sparks
In the new upgraded brand visual elements of Xmind, we have embraced bolder and more impactful visual elements to shape our brand ambiance. Transitioning from a primary red color, we have ventured into a multi-color palette, unexpectedly bringing together colors, typography, and illustrations. Embrace the delightful moments when different ideas collide while organizing your thoughts, with our revamped visual experience.
new visual element image 1 new visual element image 2 new visual element image 3 new visual element image 4
It’s just the beginning
With 18 years of dedicated focus in the field of mind mapping, Xmind has now turned a new page with this brand upgrade.
We have countless ideas, crazy ones, innovative ones and fun ones, waiting to be brought to life.
We are grateful to have been chosen among numerous tools and look forward to bringing you more surprises in the days to come.
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