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Brand Identity
As we redefine our brand, we strive to infuse youthfulness and a relaxed atmosphere into Xmind, delivering a welcoming and friendly brand image to each user.
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Logo Guideline
Just as a butterfly's flutter can create a storm, we have embraced a fresh butterfly motif in the new Xmind logo. With this logo capturing the essence of a poised butterfly in flight, we aim to empower users in capturing fleeting moments of inspiration.
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xmindFull EmblemSymbolLogotype
Xmind Logo
The new logo features a butterfly as a fresh visual symbol, vividly conveying the brand philosophy and attitude of Xmind.
Xmind Desktop UI Kit
Minimalistic, restrained, and lightweight are the key elements of Xmind UI design. With our "seamless design" approach, we strive to provide users with a simpler and smoother user experience.
NeverMind Font Family
NeverMind is a humanistic geometric sans-serif font, exclusively designed by Xmind.
It supports over 40 languages, punctuation marks, numerals,
and encompasses a total of 500 characters.
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