Usage Data Privacy Policy

This usage data privacy policy of Xmind, Ltd. covers only Xmind desktop software.

During your using Xmind desktop software, the following information or data may be collected: your program runtime environment data (such as language, operating system type and version, country, program version, Java version etc.) (information about your system hardware won't be collected), and program running status data (startup and shutdown time, login and logout time, license type and frequency of features usage etc.).

The information or data mentioned above will be collected completely anonymously and will be only used by Xmind Ltd. to do analysis in order to improve user experience and the overall quality of our service. Users can choose not to participate in the data collection plan.

If a user subscribes to Xmind newsletter, Xmind may keep you posted on useful and relevant services, latest product announcements, software updates, promotions, and other activities or offerings that may interest you. You may unsubscribe such newsletters any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link within an Xmind newsletter email.

Your bonded third-party accounts (Evernote and Biggerplate) username or password information will not be stored locally or on the Xmind server either.

When you choose to Share with Email, Xmind will try to detect whether a local mail client is installed and call the default mail client. Local Network Sharing will read the local network information, but will absolutely not send any hardware relevant information to Xmind. Other Share options (such as social media/public link/private link/Biggerplate) won't perform the operation to save any account information locally or on the server, but the files shared can be visible to others.

Xmind encrypts files with password in a special way. Therefore, only yourself or those who know the password can open the encrypted file. No organization or individual, including Xmind Ltd., can open the encrypted file without the password. If you forget your password, there is no method by which it can be retrieved.

Xmind will never monitor or view the contents of any file of any use.

Your files will not be automatically stored in Xmind Cloud server unless you save them to Xmind cloud.


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