Features available with Xmind.

Curated features for you to generate ideas, inspire creativity, and bring efficiency both in work and life.

100% Rewritten 
Graphics Engine


A Complete Overhaul for Enhanced Performance and Future-Proof Design

Redesigned core code and architecture

Refactored core code and architecture

We completely rewrote the core graphic engine and re-architected the underlying architecture with a focus on optimizing every aspect of Xmind and pushing the boundaries of what a mind mapping tool can do.

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Enhanced Scalability

Unlock Infinite Possibilities with Enhanced Scalability

The re-architecting of the engine has significantly improved Xmind's scalability, enabling future upgrades and unleashing infinite possibilities for mind mapping.

Faster Performance,
Smoother Experience

The redesigned engine delivers faster and more efficient performance, allowing for a seamless user experience.

Fast open

Instant file opening

Faster file opening enhances productivity and ensures a smooth workflow.

Enhanced software stability

Enhanced software stability

Create mind maps with confidence and without interruptions or errors.

Manage large files with ease

Manage large files with ease

Easily handle large mind map files with optimized editing.

Pitch Mode Updates


Start making an impressive presentation with new features.

Brand New Themes

Brand New Themes

Your ideas can now spark with our stunning new themes, packed with stylish appearance and smooth transitions. Each theme is well tuned for every visual details, pick the one you like and start a memorable pitch.

Presenter View

Presenter gives you more control to your presentation. Navigate your slideshow with your original mind map and jump to any topic you want.

Presenter View

Smart Color Theme


Gain all stunning color schemes effortlessly.

Well-matched Color Themes

When you want to make a mind map with a proper color scheme and style that matches your need, Smart Color Theme never lets you down. Choose the one you like and achieve a consistent look throughout your map instantly.

The UI of smart color theme with mutiple color palettes

Smart Algorithms

Spend less time making a terrific mind map; our smart algorithm has it covered. Algorithms are used everywhere to choose the best color for every detail of your mind map. It’s dynamic yet powerful.

Smart Algorithms

Spend less time making a terrific mind map; our smart algorithm has it covered. Algorithms are used everywhere to choose the best color for every detail of your mind map. It’s dynamic yet powerful.

Hand-drawn Style


Relive the joy and fun of writing and doodling.

The UI of format panel with hand-drawn style skeletons and a hand-drawn style mind map

Fun-filled Look

With our latest hand-drawn style, mind mapping becomes fun and delightful and your mind maps will communicate a more playful or DIY aesthetic.

Built-in Themes

We've added multiple Skeletons in hand-drawn styles. Switch your mind map into hand-drawn looks one click away. Or customize your own with more style options your way.

Tree Table


A new structure that presents topics with nested rectangles.

Useful Structure

Tree Table expands the information from left to right/top to bottom just like the mind map structure but in a more logical and ordered way, which makes it more helpful to identify whole and part relationships.

Clear Display

Tree Table‘s structured and intuitive diagram look provides a fresh reading experience and makes it useful for data visualization, timetable, or information structure.

A tree table with title "Coffee Brewing Methods"
A tree table with title "Chicken Cutlets with Sun-dried Tomato Cream"

Stickers & Illustration New

Turn your mind map into an inspiring piece of art.

Many stickers of Xmind

Renewed Stickers

Creating unique and aesthetically pleasing mind maps with over 400 Xmind-designed stickers covering most common scenarios. Add some stickers to make your mind map rich and unforgettable.

An Xmind mind map with many illustrations

Brand New Illustrations

Illustrations are Xmind’s designer’s original works. Compared to stickers, illustrations contain more design detail and deliver richer visual effects. Get a visually appealing mind map by brand-new illustrations.

Professionally-designed Structures

We offer more than traditional radial mind map structure for particular subjects. Empower your thoughts by using the right structure.

  • Mind Map

  • Logic Chart

  • Brace Map

  • Org Chart

  • Fishbone

  • Timeline

  • Tree Chart

  • Tree Table

  • Matrix

  • Mind Map
  • Logic Chart
  • Brace Map
  • Org Chart
  • Fishbone
  • Timeline
  • Tree Chart
  • Tree Table
  • Matrix
  • Mind Map

  • Logic Chart

  • Brace Map

  • Org Chart

  • Fishbone

  • Timeline

  • Tree Chart

  • Tree Table

  • Matrix

On-the-fly Structure Switching

Take it easy when choosing structures since you can switch to another one seamlessly with just a click away.

The UI of structures switching, including 9 structures on the list

Exclusive Structure Combination

Xmind supports a combination of multiple structures on the same branch, it allows you to express different minds in one mind map.


Essential Mind Toolbox

Intuitive tools made for organizing thoughts and adding further information to your mind map.

Two topics linked with a relationship line


Use Relationship to connect two relevant ideas with customizable line style and text description.

Three topics with a summary


Add a conclusion or recap to a group of ideas easily using a Summary.

A group of topics with a boundary


A handy tool for highlighting topics that share similarities or mark special concepts.

Topics with markers


A great variety of neat icons for marking priorities, assignment of tasks, progress, etc. Display and customize marker names in legend.

Topic with notes and UI of the notes editor


To reach conciseness, you can put additional text information into extendable notes and view them anytime you need.

Topics with labels and UI of label editor


Use labels for simple notation and categorization. Identify and highlight topics with labels using Navigation Panel.

UI of audio notes with a play button and a delete button

Audio Notes

Input efficiency is the key to making mind maps. Set your hands free and easily record and attach audio recordings to any topics.

Capture Audio Notes in meetings, lectures to remember more.

The UI of math equation

Math Equation

LaTeX command allows you to present mathematical and chemical formulas elegantly.

Input LaTeX math commands and get seamless live preview. Drag and drop your equation from one topic to another, and adjust its position and the size in the topic for better display.

Exquisite Themes and Style

Create mind maps that are uniquely your own and stand out with visually engaging mind maps in a breeze.

An Xmind mind map
An Xmind mind map
An Xmind mind map
Multiple color rings

Colorful Branch

Color-coded branches can accelerate your thinking engine. We offer multiple color palettes for your choice. Apply different colors for each branch to make a visually rich map.

Multiple color palettes

Color Theme

We’ve tuned every detail of structures and topics for each Skeleton and provide various balanced color palettes. Combine Skeletons and Color Themes your way, and you’re set to start mind mapping.

An Xmind mind map The UI of map style options,including compact map option and justify topic alignment option

Map Style

Reduce the size and spacing of elements to make your map more compact or unify the width of topics of the same level to organize your map with one click.

Pitch Mode

The content and structure of your mind map are perfectly tailored for a memorable presentation. Enjoy a state-of-the-art experience of presenting your ideas in Pitch Mode.

Learn more

ZEN Mode

ZEN Mode helps declutter your thoughts and improve concentration.


ZEN Mode is full-screen, in which all the extra panels will be hidden. This helps you stay focused on what matters most, your thoughts.

Multiple Appearances

Switch between different looks for immersive viewing and editing to boost your productivity. Switch to dark appearances to dim the lights and emphasize on the content more.

Today in ZEN

Today in ZEN is a timer that helps you to track your progress. It's also handy when training your memory, or brainstorming with a time limit.

An Xmind mind map in full screen zen mode
An Xmind mind map in dark mode
An Xmind mind map in dark mode An Xmind mind map in dark mode An Xmind mind map in dark mode


Switch your mind map into an outline with one click to get a more organized view. It is ideal for managing lists, organizing facts and ideas, and task management. Freely switch between outliner and mind map view with one click.

An Xmind mind map in normal mind map view
The same Xmind mind map in outliner view

Other Key Features


Supports PNG, PDF, SVG, Markdown, Word, Excel, PowerPoint (for Pitch Mode), and other useful formats like OPML and TextBundle.


Share your mind map directly to E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blog, Evernote, Biggerplate, or via Xmind Share.


Here you can import Markdown, OPML, TextBundle, and almost all the mainstream mind map formats to Xmind.

Map Shot

Easily capture any part of your map and adjust the format for displaying and viewing purposes.

Topic Link

You can build bi-directional links between any two topics and jump from one topic to another with a click.

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