Important Updates

  1. Added the feature to Display/Hide Note content in the topic;
  2. Added substructures of Tree Chart: left-aligned branch, right-aligned branch.


  1. Grid structure supports modifying cell alignment and fill color;
  2. Optimized the experience when selecting Image;
  3. Optimized the map display position when opening files;
  4. Fixed the issue of discontinuity in Map Shot screenshots;
  5. Fixed the possible error when cutting in edit mode;
  6. Fixed the issue of displaying blank labels when switching matrix to other structures;
  7. Fixed the issue of recognizing the Enter key as a line feed under Korean input method in Outliner;
  8. Fixed the issue that the line style option for Relationships might not be selectable on Windows;
  9. Fixed some other known issues.



Important Updates

  1. Grid: Versatile structure for innovative, flexible layouts and vertical mind mapping;
  2. New Skeletons: 10+ more creative skeletons, more diverse combinations of styles.


  1. Added the support for exporting to JPEG;
  2. Added quick methods for selecting multiple elements;
  3. Optimized the experience of copy-pasting;
  4. Fixed some other known issues.


  1. Added a feature that applies the selected numbering style to sibling topics;
  2. The Matrix structure has been updated with options for "fewer borders" and "more borders";
  3. Optimized the experience of Image Frame;
  4. Fixed an issue where some equations could not be displayed in Outliner;
  5. Fixed some other known issues.



Important Updates

New Templates - Explore 100+ templates designed to enhance your creativity and efficiency.


  1. Added an "Auto Sort" switch when inserting label;
  2. Added customized shortcuts for numbering;
  3. Optimized the experience of the main menu on Windows;
  4. Fixed an error during login;
  5. Fixed an issue where text might disappear when creating a new line in Outliner;
  6. Fixed some other known issues.



Important Updates

  1. Added more Color Themes;
  2. Added more Illustrations;
  3. Added more NeverMind family fonts.


  1. Added exclusive app icon for the beta version ;
  2. Optimized the experience of Relationship;
  3. Fixed some other known issues.



Important Updates

  1. Rich Text Styles - Supports setting styles for selected texts within the topic;
  2. Numbering - Automatic generation of numbers for the topic;
  3. Image Frame - More effects can be added to the exported image.


  1. Added the image preview feature;
  2. Fixed the issue where setting font size would affect other topics;
  3. Fixed the issue where in special circumstances, clicking on inserted file/folder links did not respond;
  4. Fixed the issue where the space character could not be searched;
  5. Fixed some other known issues.


  1. Added Task Tracking;
  2. Support Apple Handoff;
  3. Added specific error message prompts related to Evernote;
  4. Automatically focus on corresponding topic when Audio Note recording ends;
  5. Optimized logic for handling multiple files with encryption opened at the same time;
  6. Optimized insert in Outliner;
  7. Optimized switch appearance in ZEN Mode;
  8. Fixed the issue that could not insert folders with special characters properly;
  9. Fixed the issue that file loading would freeze when merging windows after minimizing them;
  10. Fixed the issue that insert some elements into topic in Outliner would cause Central Topic element to be lost;
  11. Fixed the issue that images, markers etc. could not be dragged into central topic in Outliner;
  12. Fixed the issue that local folders in topics could not be modified;
  13. Fixed the problem of errors when merging multiple Xmind windows;
  14. Fixed the problem of errors when uploading local images.
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