Pitch Mode

A Mind Map A Slideshow

Your mind map is a slideshow, one click to go. Pitch Mode generates smooth transitions and layouts for your mind map. Brainstorm, outline, rehearse, and present all in one place.

Pitch Mode
Multiple Layouts

Multiple Layouts

Generate concise layouts which deliver comprehensive information. Create professional presentation with a wow factor, quick and easy.

Animated Transitions

Animated Transitions

You don’t need to stick to the screen and tune the animation back and forth. Present your mind map with auto-generated animated transitions right away.

Smart Color Theme

Clap and Hooray

Spend less time making a terrific mind map; our smart algorithm has it covered. When you want to make a mind map with a proper color scheme and style that matches your need, Smart Color Theme never lets you down.

Fish Bone 8
Fish Bone 7
Fish Bone 6
Fish Bone 5
Fish Bone 4
Fish Bone 3
Fish Bone 2
Fish Bone 1

Tree Table

Present Clearly yet Useful

Katherine March

We often think about the application of Tree Table, such as activity standard operating procedure and process, personal resume, data presentation and structured information.

Katherine March
Weekly Plan

These are very common usage scenarios, but it is not easy to accomplish them better. Why not go for a try to update your resume in Tree Table now.


Hand-drawn Style

Yesterday Once More

When mind mapping on paper, we may freely mobilize our hearing and kinesthesia, which is different from digital mind mapping. Now that we have a new hand-drawn style, switch the mind map into hand-drawn look with just a click. Let’s mind map with nostalgic joy.

Hand Draw-1 Hand Draw-2 Hand Draw-3


A Mind Map. A Bit Fun.


data transfer
video meeting
chart down
chart down


A Mind Map. A Story

The first time we saw these fellas, we applauded and breathed a sigh of relief “WOW, we made it”. Our designer hopes that every mind map has abundant elements, so he drafted several pages of sticker and illustration. Now, if we like to mind map a festival, all it takes is to insert an illustration to the topic.

travel magic beach open-air space dessert coffee sketch social presentation briefcase christmas inspiration plane
Business Plan

Math Equation

A mind map of science notation and symbols is pretty practical. Equation, a feature with the highest voice. LaTeX command allows you to present mathematical and chemical formulas. Wish you keep straight-A. Here’s to know more about How Equation Works in Xmind.

Math Equation

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