1. Creation of Programme
    1. Programme manager creates programme in application by providing details such as programme title, curriculum, mode of delivery, and qualifications etc.
  2. Programme Listing
    1. Programme is created in application
    2. Programme is published on various channels, such as school's website, social media, etc.
    3. Candidates can apply for the programme by submitting their resumes and other relevant information through the programme listing.
  3. Candidate Screening
    1. Programme Manager reviews the incoming applications.
    2. Programme Manager screens candidates based on the programme requirements and qualifications.
    3. Programme Manager may conduct phone screenings, interviews, or assessments to further evaluate candidates..
    4. Programme Manager updates the candidate's status in applications, such as shortlisted, rejected, or scheduled for further evaluation.
  4. Interview and Evaluation
    1. Shortlisted candidates are scheduled for interviews
    2. Interviewers can record their feedback, comments, and ratings for each candidate in application
    3. Programme managers and other stakeholders can also review and provide feedback on the candidates.
    4. Based on the evaluations, the hiring team selects the most suitable candidate(s) for the prograamme
  5. Job Offer and Onboarding
    1. Once a candidate is selected, the programme manager generates a admission offer in application.
    2. Programme details, such as start date, fees etc. are communicated to the candidate.
    3. Candidate can accept or reject the admission offer
    4. If the offer is accepted, the candidate is moved to the onboarding process to complete necessary paperwork, training, and other onboarding tasks.
  6. Candidate Database and Reporting
    1. All candidate information, including resumes, interview feedback, and job offers, are stored in candidate's database.
    2. Programme managers can search, filter, and analyze the candidate data for reporting and analysis purposes
    3. Reports can be generated to track application metrics, such as time-to-fill, source of lead, to assess the effectiveness of the application process.
  7. Application Analysis
    1. Reporting and analysis features can be used to gain insights into the application process, identify bottlenecks, and optimize the application strategies.
    2. Data-driven decisions can be made based on the recruitment analytics to improve the overall application process and attract top candidates.