1. Be passionate about testing
  2. Be Agile! Be DevOps!
  3. Expand quality outside the testing
  4. Manage the processes
  5. Critical thinking
  6. Be flexible
    1. Be good in communication
    2. Find balance beetween communications and actions
  7. Learn by hard
    1. Create the knowledge basement
    2. Apply your knowledge daily
    3. Be in touch with new your techologies
  8. Roll your roles
    1. Participate in new projects
    2. Be a Test leader
    3. Constant personal grow
  9. Think about conciquenses
    1. Things we do now have a huge impact in the future
  10. Research and Development (RD)
    1. Research new approaches....
    2. Develop new possibilities, tools, ways, metrics...
    3. Let's broaden borders
    4. Share your knowledge
      1. Be a coach, be a trainer