1. TavarESCOve, LLC
    1. Tax Notes Depreciation of Property Est $96,000 Per Year Depreciation based on Non Land Assets Value Divided by 27.5 years Will not Qualify for Homestead Exemption No Franchise Tax for Wyoming llc plus wont do over 1mm rev for tx franchise tax FIRPTA- Tina part owner from china / money from Hong Kong Sell After 5 years 15% withholding her part? Questions: What's Weight - Total Cost $3.6mm Tina $2.9M Invested Justin - $800,000k Invested What Monthly Lease $? Needs to Cover Property Taxes Home Insurance? Maitenance? What All Should Expense From here? My Lease Should Cover All this with Nominal to no cap gains or possible loss after depretiation and taxes written off.
    2. To Do: TX LLC - Will Buy Property Set up after Wyoming LLC using INCFile.com Registered Agent Operating Agreement Andrea EIN Order Cert Of Good Standing Lease Agreement To Justin Questions Need own separate virtual Mail Box? Sales Tax ID? Weight of Ownership by investment? If Not capital gains to value?
  2. Bandice Ventures, LLC
    1. 7612 Spotted Leaf Way
    2. Maverick Ranch Closing
  3. New TX/Wyoming LLC OR SERIES LLC? Or Land Trust? - Ridiculous, LLC Sailor Moon, LLC Perseverance, LLC Vitality, LLC 121/One Twenty One, LLC White Pigeon, LLC Demon Slayer, LLC
    1. Move 7136 Spotted Leaf as Series? Or Sep LLC?
    2. Move Current Homestead 4405 Bandice Lane as Series? or Sep LLC
    3. Move Maverick Ranch as Series? Or Sep LLC?
  4. Good Luck Charm, Trust Revocable Living Trust
  5. To Do: Set this up FIRST! Wyoming Confidential / Registered Agent Manager Managed EIN - AS Scorp Operating Agreement Lease Agreement? TavARESCOve? Bank Acct W Wire/ACH/Dashboard/Checks/Debit Questions: Separate Virtual Mailbox? Need Bank Account I Assume Lease Agreement? TavARESCOve? Transfer My Cap Invest To S Corp then To LLC To Buy Home? Tina Transfers Direct Hong Cong to TX LLC
  6. FUTURE: Confidential Offshore Trust - Nevice? Dual Citizenship(s) / Golden Visa(s) Land Trust w Wyoming LLC as Beneficiary?
  7. 100% & Sole Trustee Justin Suriff
    1. QUESTIONS: What State? What Else Need to Do For This? Does need its own Virtual MB? To Do: Attorney Andrea Set Up Confidential
  8. Move Bandice Ventures Under Just Wow OR New LLC / Series LLC & Transfer Spotted Leaf to it?
  9. Close On Property Before 28th in Bandice Move to New LLC/Series LLC Under Just Wow, LLC?