1. How do I feel right now?
  2. About self-love and happiness
    1. Name three things that make you feel happy and inspired.
    2. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    3. When do you feel most like yourself? Doing what?
    4. What do you value most in life?
    5. How do you recharge?
    6. Is there something, simple or big, that you want to accomplish this week/month/year?
    7. Am I satisfied with myself?
  3. About self-healing and anxiousness
    1. Name three things that make you feel frustrated and sad.
    2. What do you dislike the most in life? Can you do something to change?
    3. How do you shift your mindset if something isn't working for you?
    4. When do you notice that you are burnout?
    5. Do you often forgive yourself? How?
  4. About self-control and calmness
    1. What makes you feel powerful and in control?
    2. What makes you feel calm?
    3. What helps you slow down your pace and feel more present?
    4. How do you calm yourself when feel nervous and panic?
    5. How do you protect your boundaries?
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