1. It is almost indistinguishable how testable your product is, from how operable and maintainable your product is
  2. Focus
    1. focus on testability can help bring teams and their customers closer together
  3. Increase predictability
    1. for customets
  4. Fast feedback
  5. Make crucial decisions
    1. A testable system provides information about its own limits, giving your business and technical stakeholders the ability to make crucial decisions at peak times, when reputations can be won or lost.
  6. Who helps to increase testability
    1. architects, developers, testers, ops and analysts.
  7. Low testability architectures contribute to slow feedback and deficient decision making
    1. Low architectural testability is a real source of pain for teams
  8. Sourse
    1. "Team Guide to Software Testability" by Ash Winter and Rob Meaney
      1. http://leanpub.com/softwaretestability