1. Original Qi (Yuan Qi)
    1. Motive force
    2. Basis of Kidney Qi
    3. Facilitates transformation of Qi
    4. Conduit for the San Jiao
    5. Facilitates transformation of Blood
    6. Comes out at the Source points
  2. Food Qi (Gu Qi)
    1. Originates in Stomach and Spleen
    2. Origin of Qi and Blood
    3. Rises to the chest to become Gathering Qi (Zong Qi) in the Lungs
    4. Rises to the chest to become Blood in the Heart
  3. Gathering Qi (Zong Qi)
    1. Nourishes Heart and Lungs
    2. Promotes Lungs function of controlling Qi and respiration
    3. Promotes Heart function of governing Blood and blood vessels
    4. Controls speech and strength of voice
    5. Promotes blood circulation to the extremities
    6. Coordinates with Original Qi (Yuan Qi) to regulate breathing and aid the Kidneys
  4. True Qi (Zhen Qi)
    1. Originates from Gathering Qi (Zong Qi)
    2. Originates from the Lungs
    3. Assumes two forms: Ying Qi and Wei Qi
  5. Nutritive Qi (Ying Qi)
    1. Nourishes internal organs
    2. Closely linked to Blood
    3. Flows in channels and blood vessels
  6. Defensive Qi (Wei Qi)
    1. Rotted in the Lower; Nourished in the Middle; Spreads outwards in the Upper
    2. Coarse form of Qi
    3. Circulates outside the channels between the skin and the muscles
    4. Protects against external pathogenic factors
    5. Warms the muscles
    6. Regulates opening and closing of pores; it is mixed with sweat
    7. Circulates 50 times in 24 hours
  7. Central Qi (Zhong Qi)
    1. True Qi of the Stomach and Spleen
    2. Spleen's function of transformation and transportation
    3. Spleen's funtion of raising Qi
  8. Upright Qi (Zheng Qi)
    1. All Qi that play a role in the defense of the body
    2. Contrasted to Pathogenic Factor (Xie Qi)