1. download xmind deb package from 'http://www.xmind.net/downloads/'
    1. uncompress deb package with ar: "ar -x xmind-x.x.x.xx.deb"
      1. Now we get 2 tar.gz package call 'control.tar.gz' and 'data.tar.gz'
        1. untar data.tar.gz: "tar xf data.tar.gz"
          1. got a 'usr' dir in $PWD, cd $PWD/usr/local dir, copy 'xmind' dir to '/opt/', copy 'share' dir to '/usr'
          2. untar control.tar.gz: "tar xf control.tar.gz"
          3. got a shell script called 'postinst', execute 'postinst': "sh postinst"
          4. edit '/usr/share/applications/xmind.desktop', change '/usr/local' to '/opt'.
          5. @Done, enjoy your xmind.