1. WHY1
    1. WHY1: Why testers do not have a feedback from developers
    2. Answer 1: Lack of developers' time
  2. WHY2
    1. WHY2: Why does Lack of developers' time exist for feedback
    2. Answer 2: Such activities do not estimate in US story points
  3. WHY3
    1. WHY 3: Why do such activities not estimate in US story points
    2. Answer 3: Because such activities are not considered labor-intensive
  4. WHY4
    1. WHY 4: Why are such activities not considered labor-intensive
    2. Answer 4: because its percentage are considered as low
  5. WHY5
    1. Why 5: Why are its percentage considered as low
    2. Answer 5: because quantity of requests from stakeholder was forecast as low
  6. We find Root Cause: quantity of requests from stakeholder was forecast as low
  7. 8D. Step 4. Root Cause Analysis. Part 2: 5 WHY
    1. Detailed Problem Description
      1. Thanks to a detailed description of the problem through 5W + 2H, we get a more detailed representation of it in comparison with the original
        1. http://www.xmind.net/m/fcnd
    2. Root Cause Analysis. Part 1: FishBone
      1. We decided the most possible cause: Testers do not have feedback from developers
        1. http://www.xmind.net/m/mNR2
    3. The main aim is to determine the root cause of a problem by repeating the question "Why?" Each answer forms the next question. To search the root cause, you do not have to answer all 5 Why, sometimes its can be less or more
      1. Remember: do not find a guilty person, try to find problems in process
    4. If the analysis did not show a sufficient result, use the next FishBone possible cause. If all efforts have been in vain, try to change your mind and fill new FishBone, try to find out possible cause that were not taken into account earlier.
    5. Despite the fact that "5 Why" applies to the most possible cause, pay attention to the others and create a strategy for working with them. Often they help to identify problems in the process, not just about the current problem