1. Sylvia Martinez
    1. http://blog.genyes.com/
    2. Blog post about session: http://bit.ly/4EgiZt
  2. Introducing us all to Educon -- unconferencing
    1. She suggest two session people might consider
      1. "Scientific method" session
      2. Session on "Play"
  3. TED of Gever Tully
    1. Blog - http://www.tinkeringschool.com/blog/
    2. TED -- http://bit.ly/147Tg3
    3. Failures are celebrated and analized
    4. Rollercoaster built by 7 year-olds
    5. Includes quote from Tully that are or seem outlawed in school
      1. No wet curriculum
      2. No tests
      3. Louts of stuff
      4. Lots of tools
      5. Real tools
      6. Immersive
      7. Time
      8. How to make things
      9. Deep realization that they can figure things out
      10. Nothing turns out as planned
      11. Every step is valuable
      12. Just start building
      13. Fully committed to project at hand
      14. Success is in the doing
      15. Failures are celebrated and analyzed
      16. Child-appropriate response to frustration
      17. All materials useful
      18. His Blog
        1. http://www.tinkeringschool.com/blog/
  4. Maybe we need to redefine curriculum
    1. Is materials standards, etc.
    2. Maybe it should be more outcomes based
    3. Maybe it shoudl be a project plan
    4. Maybe it should be more student-centered, we want students to produce and demo something
    5. What makes games interesting is agency
      1. ownership
      2. meaningful choice
      3. Choices can be free form
      4. Giving students "agency"
        1. Tell students at begging what they are to learn, and then ask, "How do you think we can learn this?"
  5. You have to build an environment
    1. Students need to tinker
    2. Teachers need to tinker
    3. In a tinkering environment, it's ok for students to go beyond
    4. "The bricoleur resembles the painter who stands back between brushstrokes, looks at the canvas, and only after this contemplation, decides what to do next." -- Sherry Turkle
    5. Bricolage -- French of tinkering, using found objects, playfulness in creation.
      1. Italian schools have a place where there's stuff to hack.
      2. So what do I do on Monday
        1. "What you do on Monday should be a step along the way to someday!" -- Pappert
  6. When Sylvia was in Engineering School
    1. Waterfall Method
      1. Define
      2. Design
      3. Build
      4. Implement
      5. Test
      6. Maintenance
    2. In the '80s Computer were around
      1. Cost of mistakes went way down
      2. Spiral Model -- http://bit.ly/10yzWN
  7. Convincing Parents
    1. Open House
    2. Technology Day
    3. Press Release
    4. Through the kids
      1. Design opportunities for children to share
  8. An example of a change that worked without being part of the curriculum/standards
    1. Free Voluntary Reading (FVR)