1. Call To Adventure
    1. "A Story By Some Aliens" just kinda came to me
  2. Refusal of The Call
    1. I didn't really plan to launch all this stuff,
  3. Meeting The Mentor
    1. but I also never planned anything more in my life. For better or worse, I just kept working on it...
  4. Crossing The Threshold
    1. And now, here I am on the internet.
  5. Test, Allies, Enemies
    1. I'm super worried I'll fail publicly (again), or I'll just give up on it (again).
  6. Approach The Inmost Cave
    1. Sometimes I even think I should give up on it. I'm spending a lot of time and money on this and I'm not really sure what the point is.
  7. Ordeal
    1. Figuring out the point is the most important and least important part.
    2. The point drives me insane
  8. Seize The Sword
    1. but then, right when I'm at the brink, I get an idea.
  9. Road Back
    1. And I just start working again.
  10. Resurrection
    1. And for a moment I forget about the point, and I'm truly happy(.)
  11. Return With Elixir
    1. And isn't that the point?
  12. Oh hi. My name is New Mark. This is the first song I ever produced on my own and the last song on my first Folk Rap album.