1. Source
    1. Funders and Founders
  2. TECH
    1. Limit email replies to one per minute.
    2. If you can't understand what an email asks, don't answer.
    3. Tune out the news. Nothing important happens, most of the time.
    4. Do not answer the phone, unless it's a true emergency. (Emergencies are rare)
    5. Use keyboard shortcuts.
    1. Define your fashion uniform. Wear it daily.
    2. Wear smart fabrics.
    3. Carry on all-occasion outfit with you.
    4. Discard what you stop using.
  4. HACKS
    1. Visualize your end product.
    2. Start before you feel ready, avoid chicken-and-egg.
    3. Assume you are right, when in doubt. Decisive is productive.
    4. If you have a mind block, make a mind map.
    5. If you can't write it down, record it.
  5. BODY
    1. Manage anxiety - run, swim, dance.
    2. Sleep more. You will get more done.
    3. Take naps when energy runs low.
    1. Do easiest things first.
    2. Prioritize one item per day.
    3. Set a daily routine.
    4. No meetings unless they are decisive.
    5. Better done than perfect.
  7. FOOD
    1. Routinize your diet.
    2. Eat healthy food.
    3. Get delivery to save time.
    4. Negotiate a daily deal with your trusted cafe.
  8. MIND
    1. Notice the 80/20 rule. Which 20% of work produce 80% of result.
    2. Focus on the important, suppress the urgent.
    3. Decide the outcome before even starting.
    4. Start "Idea Dump" book for genius ideas you can't work on now.
    5. Eliminate trivial decisions, like what to wear.
    6. Learn to ignore. No need to respond to everything.
    7. Do a bad first draft. You can't edit a blank page.
    8. Treat time as your money.