1. Loss of Reputation
    1. Customer is unforgiving
      1. Social Media reviews are the new normal
      2. Check for reviews on:
        1. Twitter
        2. LinkedIn
        3. Facebook
        4. App Store
        5. Play Store
    2. Once you lose reputation
      1. Customers looses trust in any future app too
      2. You indirectly helping your competitor to replace you.
  2. Unpleasant Surprises
    1. After Release
      1. Production Bugs
    2. Due to:
      1. Unreliable Assessment
      2. Shallow Testing
      3. Ignorance of Customer Personas
      4. Poor understanding of product
  3. Loss of Revenue
    1. Cost of Fixing a bug in Production is HIGH
    2. Severity of Bug in Production inversely proportional to customer retaining subscription or service in next cycle
    3. After a point, You have to eventually kill the product or replace it with a new one.
    4. Ex:
      1. Killed by Google
      2. Killed by Microsoft
  4. Slow or No Feedback Loop
    1. My role as a tester is to make shallow testing deeper and deep testing cheaper. - Michael Bolton
  5. Lawsuits
    1. Reference: Software Bug Stories by Ajay & Saranya
    2. Compliances have to be met
    3. Analysis of Customer Personas is important
    4. Examples
      1. Accessibility Issues
      2. Security Loopholes
      3. User Privacy Concerns
      4. Data Loss