1. Formalization
    1. Strategy Statement
      1. What is yor company strategy?
    2. Deliberate Scope and Advantage
      1. What is your most important choice of "where to compete" in terms of productis, geography or customers?
    3. Deliberate Strategic Distinctiviness. Mode of Competing.
      1. If I asked your customers, how your company differs from the competition, either in products/services yo offer or in the way yo provide them, what could they say?
  2. Development
    1. Proactive Scanning. Proactivity and External Focus.
      1. How do you tipically first come to consider changes to strategy?
    2. Evidence-based Decisions. Strategy selection-relevant information.
      1. What type of information do yhou use to select a strategic change rather than its alternatives?
    3. Regular Stategy Meetings. Strategy Development - Frequency.
      1. How often do strategy development meetings take place? Are these recurring themes across strategy development meetings?
    4. Effective Strategy Meetings. Strategic Development - Involvement.
      1. How are strategy development meeting prepared? Wht ins the typical structure? Who participates? What is the role of the different participants?
    5. Exploration of Alternatives
      1. Do you tipically consider alternatives to given possible strategic change? How much information on theses alternatives is tehere? How do you tipically first come to consider these alternatives?
    6. Systematic Risk Evaluation. Structured Criticism.
      1. When you are considering a strategic change, when and hoe do people express potential concerns?
  3. Implementation
    1. Implementation Planning
      1. When you make a strategic decision, which implementation details are clear and what remains to be figured out?
    2. Effective Strategy Reviews
      1. How do you review the progress of a strategic change?
    3. Learning from Outcomes
      1. How would you tipically know whether a satrategic change has succeeded or failed? What happens if a strategic change does not meet your expectations?
    4. Strategy Communication
      1. When and how are employees outside top management tipically informed about strategic changes?
    5. Resistance Accommodation. Resistance to Change.
      1. There might somatimes be individuals opposed to a strategic change? How do find out about them? Are you usually able to overcome their resistance? If so, how?