1. What do you need?
    1. problem/brief for brainstorming
    2. worksheets for participants (N)
      1. contains the problem statement
      2. and grid 3*N
        1. classic: N=6
      3. You will receive 3*N*N ideas
    3. you can use online tool
  2. Before brainstorming session
    1. Warm Up!
  3. Session leader formulates a problem statement
    1. the goals of the session
    2. information for participants
    3. make sure that the problem is clear to all participants
  4. All participants receive a worksheet
  5. Let's brainstorming!
    1. Round one
      1. all participants write down 3 ideas to solve the problem using first row of the worksheet
      2. work in silence
      3. 5 minutes long
      4. participants should not duplicate ideas
      5. at the end of round, each participant moves the worksheet to the left
        1. every participant has a worksheet with 3*M (M- number of round) prewritten ideas
      6. rules
    2. Round two
      1. participants create 3 more ideas using second row of the worksheet
        1. own new unique ideas
        2. ideas inspired by the worksheet
      2. use rules from round 1
    3. Repeat it! ....
    4. Round M ( M=N)
  6. Brainstorm has completed!
    1. There are 3*N*N ideas in just 5*N minutes
    2. Team recognition
    3. discuss all ideas with participants
    4. create matrix with ALL ideas
      1. Share it!