1. WHO
    1. Who discovered the problem
    2. The testers
  2. What
    1. The problem desription
    2. Too much high priority regression bugs. Much more than during testing the iteration USs
  3. When
    1. When the problem was detected
    2. Regression testing of 14 Iteration
  4. Where
    1. Where the problem was detected
    2. All regression autotests was crashed
    3. All manual test-cases had a first/second step problem
  5. Why
    1. Why this is a problem
    2. This is a problem, due to a delay in the product release
    3. The stakeholder will not receive the required functionality in time
  6. How
    1. How the problem was discovered
    2. During the regression testing
    3. Analyzing bugs queries in TFS
  7. How many
    1. What is its scale
    2. In this case, this item is empty, since the stakeholder receives the software with a single assembly
  8. Detailed Decscription
    1. Regression testing (main scenarios) is carried out in the end of 14 iteration (before the release), a large number of regression bugs with high priority and severity lead to delay in product release, because the basic customers scenarios do not work correctly.