1. First meeting
    1. Briefly introduce yourself
  2. Education
    1. University / College
      1. Favorite subjects and not
      2. Research
    2. Extras. courses, Further training
    3. What resources did you study about testing?
  3. Work experience
    1. What did you like and not?
    2. Your greatest achievement and failure
    3. What did you learn?
    4. Your area of ​​responsibility
    5. In which projects you participated, your role
  4. Knowledge about testing and not
    1. What is testing?
    2. What is quality?
    3. What is a bug?
    4. Which platforms are you more interested in testing and why?
      1. PC
      2. Web
      3. Mobile
    5. What types of testing do you know?
    6. OOP knowledge and skills
    7. Database knowledge and skills
    8. System Administration knowledge and skills
  5. Interesting questions
    1. When the product testing should start ?
    2. When testing is enough?
    3. Is it possible to test everything?
    4. Is 100% automation possible?
  6. Why have you decided to become a tester in our company?
    1. Have you tried yourself in the role of a tester in daily tasks solving?
      1. if you find a bug, what were your next steps
    2. Are you ready for new challenges?
      1. Non-standard projects
      2. Multitasking
      3. Work with different stakeholders
  7. Your strengths and weaknesses
  8. Your work style
    1. Forever along
    2. Work with a mentor
      1. To be a mentor in the future
    3. Teamwork
      1. Agile
        1. Scrum
      2. Kanban
    4. What is more important for you: Your success, the success of the Team
  9. Questions from HR
    1. Continue the phrase 5 times: "I work well if"
    2. Behavioral
      1. If the company database was stolen by your friends from your PC, your actions
      2. You perform the operation 1 by method 2, your supervisor comes in and asks you to perform the operation 1 by method 3, which is certainly worse than method 2. The supervisor is not available for the set time. Your actions
  10. practice
    1. There is a console application that interprets three entered values ​​as the length of the sides, the application can give one of four answers: a triangle, not a triangle, an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle. It is necessary to test this application