1. Profile
    1. 1991
    2. director, Julie Dash
    3. cinematographer, Arthur Jafa
    4. focus on Peazant Family soon migration from Saint Helena to North
  2. Making of Daughter's of the Dust
    1. woman validation ceremony
      1. mythobiography
      2. mythopoetic
      3. ethnographic memory
      4. mythic memory
    2. Resistance Literature (1987, Barbara Harlow)
    3. the standard 24 frames per second rate is kinesthetically the best for rendering black experiences
      1. Russian Formalist concept of “Defamiliarization” -- Viktor Shklovsky in his Art as Technique, refers to the literary device whereby language is used in such a way that ordinary and familiar objects are made to look different.
  3. Beauty is a Method
    1. beauty =
      1. practice
        1. vessel
          1. method
          2. ornate script
          3. shocks
    2. the window was my loophole of retreats
      1. the optics of the door and anti-blackness
    3. Beauty is not a luxury, rather it is a way of creating possibility in the space of enclosure, a radical act of subsistence, an embrace of our terribleness, a transfiguration of the given. It is a will to adorn, a proclivity for the baroque, and the love of too much —Saidiya Hartman
      1. Words set things in motion. I’ve seen them doing it. Words set up atmospheres, electrical fields, charges. I’ve felt them doing it. Words conjure. I try not to be careless about what I utter, write, sing. I’m careful about what I give voice to. —Toni Cade Bambara
  4. Diasporic Images
    1. LA Film Rebellion (1967-1989)
      1. UCLA Ethnographic Studies & Film program
        1. Third World Culture / Cinema
        2. Diasporic/ Transnational Network of Black Visual Culture
          1. Diasporic Independent Black Cinema
          2. Independent Black Visual Culture
        3. Filmic Reciprocaties
      2. FORMATION
        1. Black Panther UCLA Slayings (1969)
        2. Watts Riots (1965)
      3. Barbara McCullough
      4. Billy Woodberry
      5. Julie Dash
        1. Daughters of the Dust (1991)
          1. Matriarchal Peazant Family
          2. unborn child (narrator)
          3. polyphonic voice
          4. Gullah Community of South Carolina / Georgia Coast
          5. fluid choreographies, collective stance from past
      6. Zeinabu irene David
      7. Haile Gerima
      8. Larry Clark
      9. Charles Burnett
  5. Wayward Lives, Beautiful Experiments
    1. wayward
    2. flight & captivity
      1. entanglement of escape + confinment
        1. drifting & wandering
          1. sojourns without a fixed destination
          2. black locomotion
          3. paradox of cramped creation
          4. assembling & huddling together
      2. fugitive, reckless, troublesome, riotous, rebellious, anarchic, tumultuous
    3. waywardness
      1. an ongoing exploration of what might be; it is an improvisation with the terms of social existence, when the terms have already been dictated, when there is little room to breathe, when you have been sentenced to a life of servitude, when the house of bondage looms in whatever direction you move.
        1. unrepentant. It traffics in occult visions of other worlds and dreams of a different kind of life.
      2. a practice of possibility at a time when all roads, except the ones created by smashing out, are foreclosed.
        1. the untiring practice of trying to live when you were never meant to survive.
  6. Cinematic Sisterhood
    1. Jessie Maples
    2. Camile Billops
    3. Trace Moffatt
    4. Maureen Blackwood
    5. Martina Atill
    6. limitations
    7. seductive mesmirisim
    8. disinter : nomadic souls
      1. rupture - continuity
    9. Ngozi Onwurah
    10. Karen Alexander
    11. Yvette Mattern
    12. Kathleen Collins
    13. Denise Bird
    14. Lisa Jones
    15. Desireee Ortiz
    16. Michelle Patton
    17. dream hampton
    18. Stephany Minor
    19. Sharley Lane
      1. sidewalk story
        1. media embosses imagery
    20. Dawn Suggs
      1. i felt it would be cathartic to put feelings of alienation and desire-anxiety on film
    21. Ellen Sumter
      1. the people i want to make films about are movers or shakers. they're people who are too slow to move
    22. Desire Kya
    23. Michelle Parkerson
    24. Zeinabu irene Davis
    25. Ayoka Chenzira
      1. work comes from a private place
    26. Jackie Shearer
      1. documentary nuggets
    27. Uncountable
    28. Countable
    29. Both
    30. Connect the types with the appropriate quantifier - As shown
    31. double alientation