1. “Quotation Marks”
    1. Generate rules that contain the words in the exact order you enter then and group them together as a phrase.
    2. E.g. “Quality is value to someone who matters.”
    3. This is helpful in searching for lyrics, quotes, phrases, etc.
  2. Site
    1. Search for a particular term within the constraints of a specific site.
    2. “Ajay Balamurugadas” site:testingtitbits.com
    3. This will only search for the word/phrase on my website.
  3. Hyphen -
    1. This is used to exclude certain search results.
    2. E.g. "Rahul Parwal" -testing
    3. This will focus on Rahul Parwal but exclude testing.
  4. Tilde ~
    1. This helps search for synonyms of words.
    2. E.g. Testing ~Tool
  5. Asterix *
    1. This is a wildcard and can be used as a placeholder in phrases or lyrics you don’t remember exactly
    2. E.g. "Testing is * to someone."
  6. OR |
    1. Vertical bar | or the keyword OR(in CAPS only) will search for either of the two queries
    2. E.g. "Testing" OR "Automation"
    3. E.g. "Testing" | "Automation"
  7. Related
    1. Find similar sites of the one we have searched.
    2. E.g. related:nytimes. com
    3. This will return USAToday, Reuters, etc.
  8. Location:
    1. Helps narrow down results to a particular location.
    2. E.g. “Parwal” location:Jaipur
  9. FileType:
    1. You can search for specific file formats.
    2. "Accessibility Testing" filetype:pdf
    3. This will only return pdf results.
  10. Image Search
    1. You can reverse look up an image by uploading it (or a link) to Google Images.
  11. Result Categories and Tools
    1. Your search results have categories like images, videos, etc.
    2. They also have tools that let you filter by date/time ranges, etc.
    3. E.g. Testing [Tools -> "Past Hour"]
    4. This will give you the results from the past hour.
  12. Shortcuts:
    1. You can get the results for certain questions right away
    2. E.g.
      1. Weather <Location>
      2. Time <Location>
      3. <Stock Ticker>
      4. Math Equations/calculation
      5. Unit Conversions
      6. Package Tracking Number
  13. Based on Rohan Kamath's LinkedIn Post on How to Google Effectively