1. Use appropriate TMS
  2. Analyze your Test Strategy
    1. Think about constraints
      1. Time
      2. Available recurses
  3. Use Test Design Techniques
    1. Black Box Testing Techniques
      1. Equivalence Class Testing
      2. Boundary Value Testing
      3. Pairwise Testing
      4. Decision Table Testing
      5. State-Transition Testing
      6. Domain Analysis Testing
      7. Use Case Testing
    2. White Box Testing Techniques
      1. Control Flow Testing
      2. Data Flow Testing
    3. Experience-based: Error guessing
  4. Use Heuristics and Mnemonics
    1. Use Testing heuristics
    2. Use Testing Mnemonics
  5. Use Matrixes
    1. Use the Risk Matrix
    2. Use the interconnection of components matrix
    3. Use plarfotms Matrix
  6. Create Test Case as soon as possible
    1. –°reate the main scenario test case at the planning stage of the US
    2. –°reate acceptance test cases right after planning, when the developers are just starting to work
    3. Create test cases for US testing right after QC planning
  7. Use shared steps
    1. Cheet-lists for typical filds (Text, Date, Time, etc)
    2. Cheet-lists for Injections (SQL, XSS,...)
    3. Cheet-list for nonfunctional testing of Mobile Apps
    4. Precondition steps
    5. Your Product Scenario steps
  8. Use Parameterization
    1. List of Login/Password
    2. List of servers adreses
  9. Discuss the test case with programmers and analysts