1. Academic Affairs
    1. Office of the Provost Interim Provost Jeffrey Lewis
      1. Academic and Career Success Interim Dean Robert Sanchez
      2. Center for Black Deaf Studies Director of Center for Black Deaf Studies Dr. Carolyn McCaskill
      3. Center For Continuing Education
      4. Dean of the Faculty Dean of the Faculty Khadijat Rashid
      5. GAIN: Gallaudet in Nigeria Gallaudet in Nigeria Manager Amanda Mueller
      6. Graduate Enrollment Director of Graduate Enrollment Tami Santimyer
      7. Graduate School Associate Dean of Graduate School beth gibbons
      8. University Library Associate Dean of University Library Amy Malm
      9. Office of International Affairs Executive Director of International Affairs Charles Reilly
      10. Institutional Effectiveness & Certification Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Certification Caroline Pezzarozzi
      11. Institutional Research Director of Institutional Research Lindsay Buchko
      12. Office of Research Dean of Research Poorna Kushalnagar
  2. Communications and Admissions
    1. Chief Communications & Admissions Officer Brandi Rarus
      1. Undergraduate Admissions -
      2. University Communications -
        1. Director of Communications Elise Nye
    2. Director of Integrated Marketing Communications Bryce H. Chapman
  3. Office of Chief Bilingual Officer
    1. Chief Bilingual Officer Interim Chief Bilingual Officer Laurene Simms
      1. ASL Connect Director of ASL Connect Marika Kovacs- Houlihan
      2. ASLPI Director of Center of BETA Melissa Herzig
      3. Heritage Sign Language Center Director of Heritage Sign Language Center Candace Jones
    2. Executive Director of Product Management Suzanne Stecker
  4. Office of the Chief Diversity Officer
    1. Chief Diversity Officer Interim Chief Diversity Officer Elizabeth Moore
      1. Equal Opportunity Programs Director of Equal Opportunity Programs Sharrell McCaskill
    2. Executive Director of Division of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusive Excellence Jeremy Brunson
  5. Finance
    1. Chief Financial Officer Brad Hermes
      1. Strategic Sourcing Director of Strategic Sourcing Stephanie Johnson
      2. Financial Planning and Analysis Director of Financial Planning and Analysis Tysha Battle
      3. Finance Office Controller Tracy Berman-Kagan
      4. Student Financial Service Director of Student Financial Services Crystal Harris
  6. Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
    1. Chief Administrative Officer Nicole Sutliffe
      1. Clerc Center Human Resources Manager of Human Resources Rosalyn Prickett
      2. National Programs and Outreach Director of National Programs and Outreach Debra Trapani
      3. Clerc Center Operations Executive Director John Skjeveland
      4. Clerc Center Communications Director of Communications Tyrone Giordano
    2. Chief Academic Officer Marianne Belsky
      1. Curriculum & Assessment Director of Instruction -
      2. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Lori Lutz
      3. KDES: Academic Programs Director of Academic Programs Jessica Stultz
      4. MSSD: Academic Programs Director of Academic Programs Stephen Farias
      5. MSSDSL: Student Life Leaders Director of Student Life Deb Skjeveland
      6. Clerc Athletics Director of Athletics & Physical Education Paul Wood
  7. Operations
    1. Chief Operating Officer Dominic Lacy
      1. Campus Design and Facilities Executive Director Elizabeth Brading
      2. Campus Services Executive Director Davina Kwong Yu
      3. Department of Public Safety Commander Patrick Rader
      4. Gallaudet Interpreting Services Executive Director of Gallaudet Interpreting Services --
      5. Gallaudet Technology Services Executive Director of Gallaudet Technology Services Earl Parks
      6. Gallaudet University Press Director, University Press Angela Leppig
      7. Human Resources Executive Director of Human Resources Christina Shen-Austin
  8. Institutional Advancement
    1. Executive Director Nicholas Keigo
      1. Alumni Engagement Director of Alumni Engagement Rebecca Rydstrom
      2. Office of Development
  9. Student Affairs
    1. Dean of Student Affairs Travis Imel
      1. Counseling & Psychological Services Counseling & Psychological Services Director Lauri Rush
      2. Athletics Athletics Director Warren Keller
      3. Residence Life & Housing Residence Life & Housing Director Andrew Schewe
      4. Student Center Programs Associate Dean of Student Center Programs Carl Pramuk
      5. Student Experience & Engagement Associate Dean of Student Experience & Engagement Eyob Zerayesus
  10. Office of the President President Roberta "Bobbi" Cordano
    1. Chief of Staff Heather Harker
      1. Office of the General Counsel Deputy General Counsel Faye Kuo
      2. Office of the Ombuds Director of Office of Ombuds Elizabeth Stone
      3. Office of Planning Strategic Planning and Integration Manager Kristin Mulrooney
      4. House One & Operations Operations Director Laureen Obermiller
      5. Placemaking Placemaking Director Tabitha Jacques