1. Tester is a person who is unable to become a developer
  2. No any education pre-requisites needed to get tester profession - it'll be enough high school
  3. Tester can't be the main profession; generally it's an intermediate stage of personal development
  4. You can become a tester without specific knowledge
  5. Testers shouldn't earn a lot of money, tester should work for passion; generally the salary is much less than developer salary on the same position.
  6. Testing process is not complicated, there is nothing to learn
  7. You do not need to invest in the training of testers, since you can take anybody, who will use the "monkey-testing" method for catching 80% of the bugs
  8. We do not need testers, developers do their job right from the first time
  9. A tester is a profession for young people
  10. Everyone can test, due to everyone has a PC and a smartphone