1. Clarity on the problem
    1. What is climate change and global warming?
    2. True or false?
    3. How did this happened?
  2. What is currently happening in the world?
    1. Effects and evidence
    2. current state of the earth
    3. Predictions
  3. Possibilities of regeneration
    1. Is it possible to undo climate change and global warming?
    2. How long will it take to undo climate change?
    3. Things we need to change
    4. what are the measures take by our leaders so far?
  4. what could we actually do about it?
    1. Change of mindset
    2. Something is better than nothing
    3. sustainability
    4. Adopting circular economy
    5. Small leaves in a big tree
    6. Death and Birth
  5. solutions: a life in loop
    1. Balance in ecosystem
    2. Reducing carbon emissions
    3. Optimising the term eco-friendly
    4. Circular economy
      1. Effective waste management
      2. Reuse and upcycle
  6. Implement
    1. Go with plans
    2. Check effect of Implementation
    3. Stop useless solutions