1. Martin Taubert
    1. Developers should try to give the best possible quality for the testing team
    2. Devs can help testing team focus on real issue instead of trivial issues.
    3. Exchange of ideas is very important
    4. Enabling testers to go ahead with black hat thinking is very important.
    5. High unit testing coverage of the production code can be a great help to tester's work.
    6. Incorrect measurement metrics can lead to low collaboration & poor relationship.
  2. Apoorva Tiwari
    1. Environment of project is very important for good working relationship.
  3. Mahathee Dandibhotla
    1. Culture of the team is very important
    2. Sometimes, the team culture can be restricting.
  4. Jonas Menesklou
    1. Have metrics which are user based
  5. Gaurav Khurana
    1. Clearly defined roles & responsibilities can help a lot.
    2. Shared responsibilities on certain topics can clear differences and help with collaboration.
    3. Don't take issues personally.
    4. Don't make personally comments.
    5. Do pair testing (buddy testing) with team members.
    6. Appreciation system can be changed from comparison with others to comparison with self
  6. Anindita Rath
    1. Understand the tester's point of view
    2. Understand the developer's point of view.