1. Rollbar
    1. https://rollbar.com/
    2. Catch errors before your users do
    3. Rollbar provides real-time exception reporting and continuous deployment monitoring for developers
  2. Raygun
    1. https://raygun.com/
    2. Successful software starts here
    3. Error, crash and performance monitoring software For Web & Mobile Apps
  3. Sentry
    1. https://sentry.io/welcome/
    2. Stop hoping your users will report errors
    3. Open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Iterate continuously. Boost efficiency. Improve user experience.
  4. OverOps
    1. https://www.overops.com/
    2. Log Files Suck
    3. Answering the speed vs quality challenge with OverOps and Software Reliability
  5. Airbrake
    1. https://airbrake.io/
    2. No more searching log files
    3. Capture and track your application's exceptions in 3 minutes
  6. BugSnag
    1. https://www.bugsnag.com/
    2. Balance agility with stability
    3. Bugsnag monitors application stability, so you can make data-driven decisions on whether you should be building new features, or fixing bugs.
  7. StackHunter
    1. https://stackhunter.com/
    2. Troubleshoot Bugs Fast
    3. StackHunter alerts you to failures in your apps and provides the details in one place for you to troubleshoot.
  8. VBATelemetry
    1. https://www.vbatelemetry.com/
    2. Application & Usage Monitoring for VBA
    3. Track Events, Errors & Metrics from around the world
  9. Appenlight
    1. https://getappenlight.com/
    2. Performance, exception, and uptime monitoring for the Web
    3. We keep an eye on your applications and notify you about performance issues and errors.
  10. Source
    1. https://www.smartspate.com/free-tools-for-tracking-application-code/