1. Backpacking in a Bear Country
  2. Avoid Bears on Trail
  3. Hike in a group of four or more and stay close together; groups of that size are less likely to be attacked.
  4. Avoid hiking at dawn or dusk. That’s when bears are most active.
  5. Carry bear spray. Bear spray contains red pepper derivatives that affect the eyes and respiratory system.
  6. It’s an aerosol, so find out about airline regulations; also check for any international restrictions.
  7. Keeping Bears Out of Your Camp
  8. Hey Bear!
  9. Make noise as you hike in order not to surprise a bear. Try shouting “Hey, bear!” every so often, talking or singing loudly, clapping hands..
  10. Based on article by Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI)
  11. Keep odors at a distance
  12. Strain dishwater
  13. What to do if you encounter a bear?
  14. Follow Leave No Trace principles (as well as any official regulations) for disposing of human waste.
  15. Never leave food out and unattended.
  16. Use proper food storage techniques
  17. Grizzly Bear
    1. DO NOT make eye contact and back up slowly
    2. Get your can of bear spray ready and talk to it calmly (if the bear does a bluff charge)
    3. Never turn and run!
    4. If you don’t have spray, or it fails to work, play dead.
  18. Black Bear
    1. Grab a long, sturdy stick for defense.
    2. It’s important to NOT let a bear get your food.
    3. Fight back aggressively. Use sticks, rocks and punches on its eyes and nose.
    4. Do not play dead.
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