1. CHARGE charge,n.
    1. 1. A formal accusation of an offense as a preliminary step to prosecution <a murder charge>. — Also termed criminal charge. [Cases: Criminal Law 208.1.]
    2. 2. An instruction or command <a mother's charge to her son>.
    3. 3.JURY CHARGE <review the charge for appealable error>.
    4. 4. An assigned duty or task; a responsibility <the manager's charge to open and close the office>.
    5. 5. An encumbrance, lien, or claim <a charge on property>.
    6. 6. A person or thing entrusted to another's care <a charge of the estate>.
    7. 7. Price, cost, or expense <free of charge>.
    8. 8. Parliamentary law. A deliberative assembly's mandate to a committee. — Also termed committee jurisdiction.
    9. TYPES
      1. delinquency charge. A charge assessed against a borrower for failing to timely make a payment.
      2. finance charge. See FINANCE CHARGE.
      3. late charge. An additional fee assessed on a debt when a payment is not received by the due date.
      4. noncash charge. A cost (such as depreciation or amortization) that does not involve an outlay of cash.
      5. special charge. An ordinary cost of business excluded from income calculations. The term is meaningless under generally accepted accounting principles because “special charge” expenses do not meet the GAAP test for ex-traordinary items. — Also termed one-time charge; unusual charge;
      6. exceptional charge. See extraordinary expense under EXPENSE; operating earnings under EARNINGS.
  2. CHARGE charge,vb.
    1. 1. To accuse (a person) of an offense <the police charged him with murder>.
    2. 2. To instruct or command <the dean charged the students to act ethically>.
    3. 3. To instruct a jury on matters of law <the judge charged the jury on self-defense>. [Cases: Criminal Law 769; Trial 82, 213. C.J.S. Criminal Law §§ 1302–1305; Trial §§ 484–486, 488, 492, 498, 500, 548.]
    4. 4. To impose a lien or claim; to encumber <charge the land with a tax lien>.
    5. 5. To entrust with responsibilities or duties <charge the guardian with the ward's care>.
    6. 6. To demand a fee; to bill <the clerk charged a small filing fee>.
    1. chargeable,adj. (Of an act) capable or liable of being charged as a criminal offense <taking that money for personal use would be chargeable>.
    1. charge account. A credit arrangement by which a customer purchases goods and services and pays for them periodically or within a specified time. See CREDIT(4).
    1. charge and discharge.Equity practice. Court-ordered account filings by a plaintiff and a defendant. The plaintiff's account (charge) and the defendant's response (discharge) were filed with a master in chancery.
    1. charge and specification. Military law. A written description of an alleged offense. [Cases: Armed Services 47(2); Military Justice 950–971. C.J.S. Armed Services § 164; Military Justice §§ 180–191.]
    1. charge-back, n. A bank's deducting of sums it had provisionally credited to a customer's account, occurring usu. when a check deposited in the account has been dishonored. UCC § 4-214. [Cases: Banks and Banking 126, 127, 142, 158. C.J.S. Banks and Banking §§ 322, 362–363, 383–384, 395–397, 399, 402, 404.]
      1. https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/?id=336.4-214
      2. 336.4-214 MS 1990 [Renumbered 336.4-216] 336.4-214 RIGHT OF CHARGEBACK OR REFUND; LIABILITY OF COLLECTING BANK; RETURN OF ITEM.
  8. CHARGE BARGAIN charge bargain.See PLEA BARGAIN.
    1. charge conference. A meeting between a trial judge and the parties' attorneys to develop a jury charge. — Also termed prayer conference. [Cases: Trial 263. C.J.S. Trial §§ 679, 711, 713–714.]
    1. chargé d'affaires (shahr-zhay d<<schwa>>-fair). [French “one in charge of affairs”] A diplomat who is the second in command in a diplomatic mission (hence, subordinate to an ambassador or minister). — Also spelled chargé des affaires. Pl. chargés d'affaires. [Cases: Ambassadors and Consuls 3. C.J.S. Ambassadors and Consuls §§ 15–23.]
    2. acting chargé d'affaires. A chargé d'affaires who performs mission functions when the leader of the mission is not available to do so or when the position is vacant. — Also termed chargés d'affaires ad interim.
    3. permanent chargé d'affaires. A chargé d'affaires with a high enough rank to head a mission (if there is no am-bassador or minister). " — Also termed chargé d'affaires en pied; chargé d'affaires en itre.
    1. charged with notice. Imputed with knowledge or awareness that is legally binding <the defendant was charged with notice of the defect yet failed to act before the plaintiff was injured by it>. — Also termed put on notice.
    1. chargee (chahr-jee). 1. The holder of a charge on property or of a security on a loan.
    2. 2. One charged with a crime.
    1. charge off ,vb. To treat (an account receivable) as a loss or expense because payment is unlikely; to treat as a bad debt. See bad debt under DEBT.
    1. 1. A police record showing the names of all persons brought into custody, the nature of the accu-sations, and the identity of the accusers.
    2. 2.Military law. A four-part charging instrument containing (1) information about the accused and the witnesses, (2) the charges and specifications, (3) the preferring of charges and their referral to a summary, special, or general court-martial for trial, and (4) for a summary court-martial, the trial record. [Cases: Armed Services 47(2); Military Justice 950. C.J.S. Armed Services § 164; Military Justice § 180.]
    1. charging instrument. A formal document — usu. either an indictment or an information — that sets forth an accusation of a crime. — Also termed accusatory instrument.
  16. CHARGING LIEN charging lien.See LIEN.
    1. charging order. Partnership. A statutory procedure whereby an individual partner's creditor can satisfy its claim from the partner's interest in the partnership. [Cases: Partnership 186. C.J.S. Partnership § 181.]
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