1. For
    1. Your Target Consumers/Market
      1. Travelers
  2. Who
    1. Describe an unmet need
      1. Needs to save money for their trip/vacation
  3. The
    1. Product Name
      1. Airbnb
  4. Is A(An)
    1. Concise explanation of the product (the nature and genre of this product)
      1. Online marketplace for lodging
  5. That
    1. Define the main value that the product brings to users, don’t list features
      1. It helps travelers to save money by online accommodation booking for homestay & vacation rental opportunities
  6. Unlike
    1. Your main competitors, as specific as possible.
      1. Booking.com
  7. Our product
    1. Differentiator description
      1. A lot cheaper, and allow travelers to experience the local authentic living conditions