1. Tricky emoji with hidden meaning
    1. 🙂
      1. The Slightly Smiling Face
      2. This is the emoji equivalent of replying to an email with “no worries!”, a passive-aggressive gesture designed to stoke anxiety in the recipient.
    2. 🌽
      1. The corn emoji is often used on TikTok to mean “porn.”
      2. Sexually explicit content goes against TikTok’s community guidelines, so users get creative when discussing adult topics.
      3. Using the corn emoji (get it? It rhymes) helps users skirt the rules and prevent their content from being deleted.
    3. 👏
      1. This can be used to refer to “clapping back”, when someone responds to an insult or criticism in a witty fashion.
    4. 💨
      1. While this emoji represents the puff of air that you see behind a fast-moving cartoon character, it’s also commonly used to refer to vaping or smoking.
      2. Also, based on my very scientific analysis of my own group chats, it also represents farting.
    5. 🐐
      1. GOAT is slang for “Greatest Of All Time.”
      2. When someone drops a goat emoji, you should feel pretty good about yourself.
    6. 🐍
      1. Often used to drag someone for being sneaky or duplicitous. It’s most famously linked to the Taylor Swift-Kanyé feud of 2016.
    7. 🥑
      1. This is used frequently on Snapchat to refer to being someone’s “better half.” Cute!
    8. 💁‍♀️
      1. This emoji is apparently a helpful person at an info desk, ready to answer your questions. But typically, it’s used like a shrug, to mean “Who knows?” or “I don’t care!”
      2. The figure looks like it’s flipping its hair, which adds a sassy or sarcastic element.
  2. Popular Gestures
    1. 🖖🏻
      1. Vulcan Salute popularized by the television series Star Trek.
      2. The accompanying spoken blessing, "live long and prosper" – "dif-tor heh smusma" in the Vulcan language.
      3. Due to genetic differences, not everyone can do this gesture.
    2. 🤞🏻
      1. To hope that nothing will happen to bring bad luck or to ruin one's plans
      2. Early Christians crossed their fingers to form a cross to pray for the strength and protection of God.
    3. 🤌🏻
      1. Represent “ma che vuoi” ("what do you want?") or simply che? ("what?").
      2. The same gesture is used in Israel with a different meaning, it means "wait a minute" or "give me a minute".
    4. 🤙🏻
      1. Shaka sign is a gesture with friendly intent often associated with Hawaii and surf culture.
      2. Residents of Hawaii use the shaka to convey the "Aloha Spirit", a concept of friendship and solidarity among the various ethnic cultures that reside in Hawaii, lacking a direct semantic to literal translation.
      3. In California, the shaka sign may be referred associated with surfer culture.
    5. 👌🏻
      1. Other than OK,it represent number 9 in American Sign Language
      2. And in parts of Europe, the Middle East and South America, the gesture may be offensive.
    6. 🤟🏻
      1. I LOVE YOU!
    7. 🤘🏻
      1. Rock on!
      2. You Rock!
  3. Humanities & Arts
    1. 👾
      1. Alien monster, purple rendering and pixel design, taken from a 8bit shooter arcade game called "Space Invaders".
    2. 🕴️
      1. Design inspiration comes from 2 Tone Records Logo.
      2. 2 Tone Records is an independent record label founded by British musician Jerry Dammers, releasing mainly ska and reggae music.
      3. The logo features a fictional male character whose appearance is based on Peter Tosh, a former member of Jamaican reggae band The Wailers.
    3. 👁️‍🗨️
      1. The joint anti-bullying campaign "I Am A Witness" was released. The designers encourage users to use this emoji to express their courageous attitude against bullying and support for victims.
      2. According to 2013 data from the CDC, 90% of teenage children are reluctant to speak up and discuss bullying even if they witness it themselves because they fear they will be dragged into it. This emoji was created with this very reason in mind.
    4. 📜 📃 📄 📝
      1. Zoom in on these emoji and you'll find the same phrase which is from Apple's "Think different" ad released in 1997.
      2. “Here's to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, quote them, disagree with them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward.”
    5. 💮
      1. はなまる The inside of the seal contains Japanese characters that mean "well done" and is a common seal used by teachers.