1. PACT Analysis
  2. Gathering data
  3. All factors in designing process
    1. People
    2. Activities
    3. Context
    4. Techononlogy
    5. Needs to be considered and analysed together
  4. survey
  5. interview
  6. Data analysis
  7. Quantitative
  8. Qualitative
  9. Define the purpose
  10. To identify user groups and figure out their requirements, we first need to define the purpose of the application
  11. A deep and clear analysis can figure out the type of information that needs to get from the investigation.
  12. Survey can measure attitudes, awareness, intent, feedback….user experiences, characteristics of users and over-time comparisons from large user population, with less cost and same time. Thus, survey can be used for gathering the 'swallow' data.
  13. The questions designed for the interview is based on the data collected from the survey.
  14. Interview can be used for Initial exploration, requirements gathering, evaluation and subjective reactions. Thus, details for the data gathered in survey can be fulfilled.
  15. Two types of data should be analyzed
  16. The data from survey and interview is enough for me to understand what users want for a recipe application. So I stop here and start data analysis.
  17. Different Requirement Representations
    1. functionality requirements
    2. Data requirements
    3. User requirements
    4. Environment Requirements
    5. Usability / User experiences Requirements
  18. The user requirements are categorized in 5 types and each should be evaluated separately. The importance of them depends on the purpose, people (users) and other factors. They can be valued in 4 standards : must have, should have, could have and want have.
  19. Since the data I want to collect is about the user's attitudes, actual experiences, thoughts and feelings, intention of using applications, comparison between existing recipe applications and expectations for the app we are developing from a large amount of user population, I choose to use Survey and Interviews.