1. Myself
    1. Introduction
      1. University - Major
      2. Internship
      3. Graduated thesis
      4. Why applied this role
      5. gain skills and knowledge: analyzing situations,solving problems, planning and organizing
    2. Strength
      1. Planning
        1. S
        2. T
        3. A
        4. R
      2. Learning fast
    3. Weakness
      1. Self-critism
        1. A: too critical with myself -> overwork, burnout A: uncomfortable after making mistakes
        2. R: not giving my best R: criticize me -> review -> correct the mistakes by speaking and looking at that mistake for hours even though I cannot fix the past
        3. E: In the interview, E: In the interview,
        4. I: fairer to myself I: get a lesson from that failure -> stop regretting (delete failure -> go ahead)
    4. Achievements
      1. S: Thesis + scientific research competition → multitasking + working under pressure
      2. T: on lab everyday + competition tasks (write article, do ppt, make poster)
      3. A: Prioritize the tasks → plan every day and the whole week → e.g. when doing an experiment, there was a time to wait for the experiment to react → use that time for preparation for the contest.
      4. R: Get full of knowledge + finish all tasks before deadline + working under pressure but positive stress → get a high score + top 8 in the contest → graduate with a very good bachelor’s degree.
      5. L: a turning point that help me move forward to my goals.
    5. Failures
      1. S
      2. T
      3. A
      4. R
    6. Goals
      1. Short-term: a junior in this production field, or be a team-leader
        1. experienced and skilled enough -> able to solve problems that come my way and to support the senior.
          1. deepen my knowledge base to the next level
          2. develop skills e.g. data analytic (identifying the ideal production quantity that will meet the demands of the target customer) and project management
        2. better understanding of production role
      2. Long-term: I want to gain knowledge and experience about diverse aspects not just in Production department
        1. come in a new extra role - training and mentoring for new candidates
        2. Supply Chain
    7. Working environment
      1. take challenges and overcome difficult obstacles together with team members support
      2. where I can see my future - keep motivated and passionated
      3. offer a variety of choices - develop personal growth and career plan
  2. Expertise knowledge
    1. Thesis
      1. Topic: Application of Cynara Scolymys L. extract residue in the production of cracker recipe and the use of GOX to enhance the quality
        1. Sensory
        2. Nutritional profile
        3. Health benefits
        4. Reasonable price
        5. Food Hygiene and Safety
        6. Less environmental impacts
      2. Process ALERF
        1. Drying
          1. 50-55oC for 12 hours
          2. Purpose: kill MOs, decrease aw -> preserve long shelf-life
          3. Temperature
          4. too high
          5. denature some subtances: loss of phenolics cpds
          6. darken color -> change the color of FP
          7. bitter taste
          8. too low
          9. energy consumption
        2. Grinding
        3. Sieving
          1. 40: large particle -> S decrease -> weak linkage
          2. 70: smaller particle -> S increase -> strong linkage (pro-fiber, pro-sta) and fiber, phenolic cpds increase
          3. 100: smallest particle -> S increase but low productivity
      3. Experiment
        1. Quality assessment
          1. WF
          2. ALERF
        2. Replacement ratio
          1. 0,3,6,9,12
          2. Results
        3. GOX
          1. Power
          2. D-glucose -> D-gluconic acid + H2O2 => H2O2 oxidize S-H into S-S
          3. Other solutions
          4. Vit C
          5. Cinamic acid
          6. Xanthan gum
          7. Results
      4. Additional
    2. Internship
      1. Dai Toan Phu
        1. Responsibility
        2. Achievements
      2. Colusa Miliket
        1. Responsibility
        2. Achievements
  3. Function
    1. Production
      1. Why choose
      2. Role
      3. Skills
      4. Situations
  4. Situations
    1. Communication
    2. Influencing others
      1. Had a discussion with s.o and helped him or her to see your point of view.
      2. Changed someone’s mind.
      3. Persuaded s.o to take a course of action that they were initially not in support of.
    3. Analyzing situations
      1. Gathered information about a topic or issue.
      2. Broke down a complex problem into a number of smaller issues.
      3. Weighed up the pros and cons of different options.
    4. Solving problems
      1. Made suggestions about how to tackle a problem.
      2. Initiated or participated in brainstorming sessions.
      3. Took a course of action to solve a problem or tackle an issue.
    5. Demonstrating drive and determination
      1. Suffered a setback or disappointment at work but got back on your feet and got on with a task.
      2. Had an original idea and used it to be more effective or productive at work.
      3. Overcame a difficulty or obstacle that was preventing you from achieving a goal.
    6. Teamwork
      1. Helped s.o in the team
      2. Resolved conflict or disagreement btw TMs.
      3. Provided a TM with a shoulder to cry on.
    7. Developing quickly
      1. Became proficient at a task or duty more quickly than others expected
      2. Gained knowledge about a topic or issue because of your hard work and dedication.
      3. Picked up a new skill with minimal supervision.
    8. Planning and organising
      1. Prioritised tasks to meet a tough deadline.
      2. Planned out and then completed a project.
      3. Organised other ppl to ensure that a piece of work got done.
    9. Being aware of the bigger picture
      1. Had to liaise with colleagues outside of your department.
      2. Found out some interesting information about a customer, supplier, or competitor and then shared it with colleagues.
      3. Thought about the impact of your work or duties on people outside of your own team.
  5. Company
    1. Vision: health, happiness and convenience
    2. Mission: ONLYONE products and services
    3. Brand
      1. bibigo: kim chi, mandu, cooked rice, sauce, jang, seaweed
      2. Cau Tre: spring rolls
      3. Xe Dap: flour
      4. innerb: functional food
      5. Ohya
      6. Beksul
      7. Hetbahn
      8. Dasida
    4. CJ-SC Global Milling
    5. Founded in 1953 - CEO: Eun Seok Choi
    6. Competitors - How different
    7. Threats and issues affect the organization