1. popular job for the youth
    1. Traditionally
      1. white-collar jobs in the corporate
    2. Now
      1. entrepreneurship and start-ups
    3. increasing trend
      1. careers in gig economy
        1. gig workers
        2. Freelancers
        3. Flexibility and Independency
    4. Callout
  2. Level 0f income
    1. Highest salary
      1. Sector: Medicine, Law, Finance, Technology
        1. Jobs: Surgeons, Corporate lawyers, Investment Bankers, Software engineers
          1. specialised skills and expertise
      2. Senior executive roles in large company
        1. CEOs, CFOs
          1. higher and more important responsibilities
          2. long-term strategy and plan
    2. Higher income
      1. advanced degrees or specialized training
        1. e.g: medicine, law, engineer...
    3. Low-wage jobs
      1. fewer qualifications
        1. e.g.: retail, hospitality ur unskilled labour
  3. Right time for Career Plan
    1. formative years of high school and colleague
      1. Explore their interest, strength and potential career path
    2. open to career pivot and reassessment
      1. gain more experience and have more clarity about our goals
    3. As early as possible
      1. a journey continues throughout one's professional life
  4. decent salaries
  5. ambitious, adventurous
  6. the disctiontion is not obsolute
  7. Each field of career has its spectrum