1. Hypertonic
    1. Prolonged latent phase....Frequent Uterine Contractions, not effective, decrease placental perfusion,
      1. Therapeutic rest 4 - 6 hours
      2. Give medications i.e. sedatives, epidural
  2. Hypotonic
    1. Active Phase of Labor 5-6 cm
    2. Weak, poor, spaced out ineffective contractions, d/t overdistended uterus, aneasthsia,
  3. Induction/Augmentation
    1. Oxytocin use, Mechanical, Surgical, Pharmacological.
    2. Bishop Score: Cervical dilation, effacement, station, cervix position and consistency
  4. DYSTOCIA: Dysfunction of the 5 Ps, plusAneasthia, epidural, multiples, hydramnios, maternal fatigue, OP, Long first stage, Primip, short stature, macrosomnia, shoulder dystocia, obesity, post dates,