1. submit_coordinates_for_geolocation()
  2. Use, old logic of submit_coordinates_for_geolocation()
  3. 1. In begining of method submit_coordinates_for_geolocation() , hit the camera's API 2. Either will get LRF data or not
  4. 1) LRF data will come in JSON format. 2) will take current_distance(Camera to Target) from that LRF data.
  5. Input for LRF_localization(): 1) x,y,z co-ordinates, Yaw and Pitch of Drone. 2) Yaw and Pitch of Camera. 3) LRF distance (Camera to Target)
  6. call, LRF_localization()
  7. 1) calculate x, y and z co-ordinates of Target. 2) It will submit x and y coordinate of target to detection_confirmer.