1. One sentence summary
    1. Understand how math augmentation (maugs) enhance readability of formulas, and how future authoring tools could help authors create augmented notation.
  2. Motivation
    1. The challenge of making mathematical notation more understandable
  3. Gap
    1. this paper is to review the practice of math augmentation in order to inform the design of tools of each of these types for math notation
  4. Research Questions
    1. 1. How do authors augment notation to improve its readability?
    2. 2. How can authoring tools help authors augment notation in the ways that they wish to more easily?
  5. Method
    1. 1. Content analysis
    2. 2. Interview Study
    3. two qualitative studies
  6. All the takeaways
    1. 1. Augmentation practice
      1. 1.1 Benefit in improving engagement
      2. 1.2 16 kinds of maugs were observed, belonging to the categories of visual notation, style, annotation, and interactivity.
    2. 2. Authors’ Tool
      1. 2.1 Challenge of current tool (time-consuming, limitation of the static media, hard to introduce complex formulas, LaTaX was hard to use)
      2. 2.2 The design of future tools for presenting math notation
        1. - Next-generation markup languages
        2. - Graphical editors
        3. - Intelligent design assistants
    3. 3. Insights into authoring practice, knowing their preference and the challenges they face.