1. Genaral
    1. What are the business objectives from the project?
    2. Are you going to build a private cloud? If yes,
      1. What type of cloud services are you going to provide? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
      2. The services that you are going to offer, will it be for MOMRA end users only or you will offer it to external users (related to MOMRA)
    3. Multitenancy, it will be on the application level or the network level?
      1. In case of application, does the application require dedicated and isolated network infrastructure for each tenant?
      2. who will be the admin of the tenant infrastructure?
    4. Who will be the admin to provison and operate the Cloud?
    5. Migration
      1. Which workload will be migrated to the new environment? it is MOMRA workload? or other Tenant's workload will be migrated from their on-premises to MOMRA Cloud?
  2. Computing
    1. New servers or existing one, Vendor Name
    2. list of hardware specifications
    3. Is it vSAN ready node?
    4. Number/type of servers per zone
    5. Distribution of servers per zone, all servers installed in two racks only?
    6. Connectivity with ToR Swicthes
  3. Virtualization
    1. Vendor name
    2. Hypervisor version, vCenter version
    3. Number of vSphere Clusters, type of workload
    4. VDS design
      1. Number of VDS per cluster
      2. Span of each VDS
      3. Number of Uplinks
      4. Teaming policy
  4. Storage
    1. What type of Storage are you using?
    2. Do you have storage replicaiton across DC/DR? and How?
  5. ADC
    1. SLB Architecture per zone
  6. Security
    1. Security controls for each zone
    2. In case there is SDN, Is there any service insersion?
  7. Layer 3
    1. VRFs? which zone?
    2. L3 boundary of each zone? SW, FW, RW
    3. Routing protocol inuse for the routing between zones?
    4. Traffic flow between zones?
  8. Layer 2
    1. How many VLANs are running in DC/DR?
    2. How many VLANs have pure virtualized workload?
    3. How many VLANs have mixed virtualized & bare-metal workload?
    4. How many VLANs have pure bare-metal workload?
    5. How many vlans are stretched across DC/DR?
  9. DCN
    1. Which Vendor?
    2. DC Architecture
      1. No of Zones
      2. Are you using SDN or traditional?
      3. Is there any network stretched across DC/DR? if yes, how are you doing the stretching?
    3. How is the traffic flow between Zones?
  10. Physical Architecture
    1. How many DCs are in production? and what is the HA mode? A/S, A/A
    2. How many zones do you have per DC?
    3. Are you protecting all workload by the DR?
    4. How are you maintaining the application replication across DC/DR?
    5. How the application failover is happening? GTM, manual,...ect
    6. How the network failover is happening? Automatic or Manual?
    7. How much the BW between the DC/DR?
    8. Subtopic 9