1. 1. Privileges to encourage student from poor families to get affordable student foreign flight.
    1. Q1 - Do students get discounts on flights?
    2. Q2 - How to get a student airfare discount?
    3. Q3- The ideal airline for students?
  2. 2. Airlines play a significant role in helping students to travel for educational purposes.
    1. Q1 - How do airlines help students to travel for educational purposes?
    2. Q2 - Do airlines offer student discounts or perks?
    3. Q3- How can poor students pay for flight tickets to pursue their studies?
  3. 3. The efforts in which airlines or authorities can influence individuals locally or worldwide.
    1. Q1- What campaign do aviation companies can help poor students?
    2. Q2- What type of student loan or scholarship can help studying in aviation university/collage ?
    3. Q3- Where can student apply Aviation Programmes in Malaysia public university ?
  4. 6. Spread awareness among the airline company to give privilege to poor students
    1. Q1 – Would the life hacks from internet helps the student to fly by air?
    2. Q2 – What are the initiative for student to get the chance travelling by air for education purpose?
    3. Q3 – Why they pursue study abroad as an student from poor background?
  5. 5. Students who are from poor families also need air transportation
    1. Q1 - is air transportation only for the wealthy?
    2. Q2 – what are the privileges the student can get to travel by air?
    3. Q3 – what are factors that influence the student to choose their types of airline services?
  6. 4. Getting formal education abroad is easier for students even from low-income backgrounds
    1. Q3- How can students apply for scholarships based on their course or level of education?
    2. Q2- Do universities participate in helping with student mobility in study abroad programmes?
    3. Q3- Do discounts given by airlines help students from low income to make better choices?