1. Non-Opioids
    1. Cyclooxygenase (COX) Inhibitors
      1. Ibuprofen
      2. Ketorolac
      3. Celecoxib
      4. Acetaminophen
      5. Questions to think about... - Which ones are 1st gen vs 2nd gen anti-inflammatories? - Which ones have an anti-inflammatory effect? - What lab values should you look at for each medication?
  2. Disease/Condition Med Management
    1. Rheumatoid Arthritis
      1. Sulfasalazine
      2. Etanercept
      3. Rituximab
      4. Abatacept
      5. Questions to think about... - What lab values should you look at for each medication? - What is the potential serious effect can occur when taking these medications? - Which ones can you give IV? What do you pre-medicate with?
    2. Gout
      1. Cochicine
      2. Allopurinol
      3. Probenecid
      4. Pegloticase
      5. Questions to think about... - Which drugs are for abortive vs. prophylactic? - What lab values should look at for certain medications? - For preventative drugs, how do they prevent uric acid build-up?
    3. Headache
      1. Amitriptyline
      2. Sumatriptan
      3. Ergotamine
      4. Questions to think about... - When to use which drug with which type of headache? - Which drugs are used for abortive vs. prophylactic?
  3. Adjuvant
    1. Anti-Spasm/Spasticity
      1. Baclofen
      2. Cyclobenzaprine
      3. Questions to think about... - What is the different between spasm and spasticity? - Which medication medcation is appropriate for either condition? -What adverse effects should you be concerned with with each medication?
    2. Sedatives
      1. Zolpidem
      2. Alprazolam
      3. Questions to think about... - How do these medications work? - What medications or substances are going to amplify the effects of these medications?
  4. Opioids
    1. Agonists, Agonist-Antagonist, Antagonist
      1. Morphine
      2. Fentanyl
      3. Codeine
      4. Tramadol
      5. Methadone
      6. Buprenorphine/Naloxone
      7. Naloxone
      8. Questions to think about... - Is the medication an agonist, agonist-antagonist, or antagonist? - What receptors do these medications work on? - What are the major adverse effects of these medications, and what interventions need to be done to prevent further complications?
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