1. Info
    1. Address
      1. Camperdown NSW 2006 Australia
    2. Call
      1. +1 9179722049
    3. Email
      1. Larentherunner@gmail.net
  2. Edu
    1. 2014.09 ~ 2018.06
      1. undergrad
        1. University of Technology Sydney
          1. Software engineer
    2. 2018.10 ~2019.10
      1. grad
        1. Cranfield University
          1. Product experience
  3. work experience
    1. ABC Ltd. Australia
    2. 2019.01 ~ 2019.12 Product manager
      1. Conduct research to deeply understand Kasheesh users financial problems and anxieties to enhance future product development
      2. Identify the most pressing issues in the product, find creative solutions to them, and quickly implement improvements
      3. Drive team execution by defining roadmaps
    3. XYZ Ltd. United Kingdom
    4. 2020.01 ~ 2021.03 Product manager
      1. Work closely with the engineering, marketing, customer success, and team counterparts to deliver quality products.
      2. Work with the Kasheesh team to ensure consistency of experience across both the consumer and internal sides of the product
      3. Define clear product requirements for new features
      4. Monitor product data to refine and innovate post product launch
  4. Skills
    1. 3+ years in Product Management in the finance and technology industry
    2. Understands the Commercial Cards/Fintech data landscape to identify areas where Kasheesh can continue to grow.
    3. Effective communicator with excellent written and communication skills
    4. Has the ability to plan a project, gather the resources and see it through to completion no matter what challenges you encounter.
    5. Ability to drive a project from idea to implementation, including developing product roadmaps and development timelines
    6. Proven ability to adjust quickly to shiing priorities and multiple demands