1. Defining concepts
    1. It is a method used by social scientists and researchers to understand people and societies. The aim is to design products/services that meet the various needs of people.
  2. Meaning of social science research
    1. Helping the country's economic policy
    2. Reflecting on basic human needs
    3. Finding the truth about various issues in our social settings and relationships
    4. Understanding different social systems and their role in society
    5. Comparison between countries
  3. Classification of social science research
    1. Qualitative studies
    2. Quantitative studies
    3. Primary research
    4. Secondary research
  4. Detail process of research
    1. Formulating research questions
    2. Review of existing literature
    3. Propose a hypothesis
    4. Preparing the study design
    5. Data Collection
    6. Data analysis
    7. Analysis and report writing