1. Website
    1. Website should consist all the necessary info such as, 1. Centres across Bangalore/ Location. 2. Products that we Offer - (Passes, Workspace, HoneyKomb, Startup platform etc) 3. Booking Passes 4. Events 5. Open Enquiries 6. Social media, & many more
  2. Mobile Application
    1. Non - Member App
      1. This app will have features similar to website & here they can perform limited actions compared to Member app
        1. Features of the App are: 1. Booking Day, Bulk Day & Meeting rooms 2. Getting updates on upcoming events 3. Raising enquires for products that we offer. 4. Startup platform 5. Billing & Invoices 6. Internet,Parking, EV & Building access 7. Newsletters, etc.
    2. Member App
      1. Member App consists of various features including features of non - member app.
        1. 1. Engagement activities 2. Ticket raising system 3. Building community 4. Meeting room Bookings 5. Internet,Parking, EV & Building access 6. Getting updates on upcoming events 7. Startup platform, etc
  3. Web App
    1. Webapp will be designed for Management staff of Clients
      1. Here, they can see all the necessary information such as, 1. Invoices 2. Tickets details - 3. Employee details,
  4. Employee details: They will be given Employee dashboard, where they can add/remove people from the list, this will help us revoke access of that particular person.
  5. Their employees can raise tickets to us & the Mgmt can see the same in consolidated way. There are mainly 3 types of tickets - IT issue - Facilities issue - Invoice issue
  6. Invoices: In this section, they get to all the past records & invoices paid, pending & discounts availed, etc.
  7. BHIVE Admin
    1. BHIVE should be able to terminate all access to clients once their contracts is ended.
    2. Private access or rotational plan; (Internet access, etc) - Need inputs??