1. What's Xmind AI
    1. Introducing Xmind AI
    2. Team brainstorming and mind mapping assited with AI
  2. Get started
    1. Select a topic and jot down what's in your mind
    2. Press Tab to add a subtopic
    3. Press Enter to add a sibling topic
    4. You can create mind maps freely now!
  3. Be more professional
    1. Enjoy our mind mapping toolbox
      1. Task
    2. Make mind map be your style
      1. Skeleton
      2. Color theme
      3. Stickers & Illustrations
    3. Manage your works in our Cloud Storage
  4. Enjoy AI-assisted work flow
    1. Select a topic and choose Grow Ideas from the right-click menu
    2. Ideas can be generated in a second
  5. Co-create with others
    1. Click Share to Invite collaborators
    2. Embed your mind map into other apps